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Eliminate Kubernetes complexity

Kubernetes is awesome but what about the complexity of running it for developers and Ops?

Ubility turns K8s operation and management for developers and Ops easy, compliant and secure without even learning it!

How we do it?

We turned kubectl, Helm and YAML configurations into no code Zapier like elements that can be used as Lego blocks for your deployment​. Build templates quickly and ley your developers consume them in a self service maner.


Most of Kubernetes API actions are turned into no code building blocks removing the burden for developers to learn complex K8s configuration and commands.

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Platform engineers build templates/stories using Helm, YAML, kubectl or even Ubility no code and publish them on their IDP or Ubility portal to be consumed by developers 

Ready to boost your team's productivity?

Get in touch with us and let's show you how ubility will help you.

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