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Automated Incident Response for SREs

SREs are facing continuous pressure to keep their cloud services up and running. Incidents can occur at any time and should be solved quickly. 

Automate root cause analysis, false positive elimination and incident responses in few clicks and keep your SRE team focused on relevant and complex issues.

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Incident response with human-in-the-loop

It is 2AM in the morning. Azure Monitors finds increasing access errors for one of the critical applications. The SRE team is notified, a member of the team has to get out of bed and start the troubleshooting and remediation process!

Auto Response to performance degradation of applications deployed on Azure

  1. Azure Monitor triggers alarm when a certain threshold of 4xx\5xx errors are reached

  2. Azure Monitor automatically checks the CPU and memory usage of the application in question

  3. If CPU\Memory is high the SRE engineer is notified through Slack.

  4. The notification contains all relevant details of the CPU\Memory and asks the SRE engineer to upgrade Kubernetes cluster.

  5. SRE clicks the upgrade button in the Slack message.

  6. The flow automatically upgrades AKS and logs a ticket in Jira with all the details.

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