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IDP & Platform Engineering Made Easy

Platform engineering is trending as it promises of accelerating development cost and increasing productivity

Ubility fast track the job of Platform engineers by providing a platform that aggregate all automations in one single place, make them reusable, interconnect them and publish them to developers 

How we do it?

The main job of a Platform engineer is to enable software developers to deliver applications without being experts in the underlying infrastructure. They should treat developers as their own customers. However, in order to successfully deliver their mission, Platform engineers should have a tool that:

  1. Take advantage of existing automations and orchestrators

  2. Provide these automations as reusable products for platform engineers to be leveraged in their work

  3. How to interconnect existing automations and build new one

  4. Provide these automations as products to developers to be consumed in a secure manner

1/ Ubility as an aggregator

Ubility understands all your existing tools (Helm, Terraform, Ansible, Kubectl, etc.)

Simply upload the code or connect Ubility to your Github and all your automations are turned into Lego building blocks!

2/ Glue your existing automations

The output of any automation can be used as an input to another one. All is done via a drag and drop UI to accelerate your work and without learning any new syntax!

3/ Publish them


Coupled with a powerful Role Based Access Control, designed infrastructure automations are published to developers

Ready to boost your team's productivity?

Get in touch with us and let's show you how ubility will help you.

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