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The simplicity of Heroku & the power of Kubernetes, on your own cloud, for free!

From code to prod in one click..

What is OpenOps?

100% open source automation server that allows you to deploy your code on full Kubernetes infrastructure, leveraging a pre-built CI/CD pipeline on Jenkins, all this through Backstage Internal Developer Portal – IDP.   


How to install it

1/ Get a Ubuntu machine

2/ Download and install OpenOps on a Ubuntu machine

3/ Access the setup page on your browser & follow up the instructions

setup ss.png

How it works

1/ Access Backstage portal


2/ Create your first Kubernetes cluster by choosing the "Create Microservices Project" template


3/ Follow the instructions


You will get:

  1. A Kubernetes cluster on your Azure cloud (AWS very soon)

  2. Running on the specified resources (node pool) and region

  3. An ingress controller/load balancer and having a public IP address ready for production

4/ Deploy your first code

  1. Choose a ready made boilerplate or deploy your code from github

  2. Follow the instructions and enter the app URL and path

At the end of the wizard you will get:

  1. A full k8s cluster deployed on your cloud

  2. An ingress control and a load balancer attached to it

  3. You app deployed on the cluster

  4. Your app reachable through a public URL 

  5. An HTTPS certificate configured using Let's encrypt (or you can bring your own certificate)

  6. A ready made CI/CD pipeline on Jenkins for your app


PaaS are great, they abstract the complexity of cloud infrastructure and provide a quick solution for developers to deploy their code on production. However, when things move forward and grow, the cost increases and the project should migrate to a cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP), and the headache of migration starts!

Our goal is to provide the same experience of PaaS using:

  1. Kubernetes because it is the one to use for Microservices

  2. Jenkins for your pipeline because it is the open source CI/CD tools and can easily be migrated later to any other tool of your choice

  3. Backstage as an IDP. IDP are very hot topics today and we believe it is  useful to start embracing them. It is also an open source portal

  4. Ubility open source automation server that mixes all the above with ready made scripts (available on our open source repo) to make everything work smoothly.

All is open source, you have full control and the freedom to scale on your own pace on your own cloud for free!

We create it so you

Kubernetes logo.png

don't have to learn and manage Kubernetes and infrastructure security. You only need to focus on your code​


don't have to setup your certificate. Your https://<my-app-url> is set automatically


 Learn and manage CI/CD and Jenkins

AKS Pod.png

provision and manage your pods/apps. One click and your app is live!


configure the nginx load balancer and connect it to each pod/app

IDP and platform engineering.png

have access to your IDP out of the box using preconfigured Spotify Backstage

Ready to boost your team's productivity?

Get in touch with us and let's show you how ubility will help you.

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