UbiRPA For IT Service Desk

Achieve up to 80% automation for your Service Desk with UbiRPA 

IT Issues

Service Desk is always plagued with issues

IT ticket volume

Ticket Volume

Due to Covid-19 IT Service Desk Ticket Volume has Increase by 16%.

Time to Resolve an IT Ticket

Time to Resolve

It Takes an average of 24 hours to resolve a ticket.

Cost of resolving an IT Ticket

High Cost

Escalating a Ticket from one level to another is very costly.

How to Resolve these issues

Utilizing a mix of AI elements, 400+ integrations and a drag and drop interface to create automation flows that best suit your needs.


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A wide array of more than 400+ integrators that you can utilize within your IT ecosystem. Design and implement automation flows that best suit your needs with the vendor of your choosing.

No Code To Build

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Don't have time to write lines of code? then no problem! Benefit from pre-written code nodes and construct RPA flows that best help you with any given task. Optimize your Incident and Service Ratio while also lowering the Response rate to more efficient levels.

AI For Hyper Automation

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Natural Language Processing

Empower your bot to automatically read, analysis and communicate with any form of data.

Optical Character Recognition.png

Optical Character Recognition

Empower your bots to automatically read and analysis documents, pick up key information and transform physical data to digital.

Image Recognition.png

Image Recognition

Empower your bot to read and analysis images, pick up key information and locate requested data.

Sentiment Analysis.png

Sentiment Analysis

understanding the intent and emotion behind any request is important