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Orchestrator for Platform Engineers

How many tools you use for your GitOps, infrastructure provisioning, CI/CD? How many automation scripts your teams maintain?

With the increasing number of  tools and scripts you certainly need an orchestration platform for better security and management. In addition you always need to add coding layers to glue these scripts together

Ubility, an orchestrator designed for Platform engineers that aggregates all automations in one single place, make them reusable, interconnect them and publish them to developers 

Some of the out of the box integrations


All the needed elements for your work are provided in one single no code/low code code platform empowering you to provide your developers with the best "golden paths" needed for their job:

  1. All your ops technologies are understood by Ubility and can be re-used as no code Zaps to build golden paths

  2. Glue your different ops scripts (Terraform, Helm, etc.) using Ubility. The platform understands the input and output variables of your scripts and allow you to pass them between different scripts (i.e. output of a Terraform script can be used as input to a kubectl script)

  3. Use code when needed by adding custome Python code to your workflow

  4. Use ready made connectors that abstracts the SDK of Azure and AWS. 

  5. Use ready made communication (MS Teams, Slack, mail, etc.), ticketing (Jira, Servicenow, etc.), monitoring (Prometheous, Datadog, etc.)  

Publish your "Golden Paths"

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Ready to boost your team's productivity?

Get in touch with us and let's show you how ubility will help you.

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