No code just drop and drag IT RPA

No code for IT automation

A drag and drop design interface connected to more then 100 IT products to empower your IT teams to Implement Troubleshooting scenarios in minutes

Plug and Play AI 

IT bot up and running in 1 day!

Pre-trained on more then one million IT tickets, Ubibot understands your IT issues out of the box. Implement your IT bot in no time and start providing your IT users with answers and solutions immediately.

John  12:30 PM

How can I invite someone to join me in Microsoft Teams?

Ubibot  12:30 PM


Check this Video out.

Send Team Invites

AI + IT RPA +No Code

John  12:30 PM

I'am unable to connect to my VPN!

Ubibot  12:30 PM

I'am sorry to hear that!


Let me check it

connect to VPN server
Check John's authentication 
Ubibot  12:30 PM

It seems you are using a wrong password.

Send Team Invites
Wrong authentication

80% IT Issues automated

1. The AI Chatbot understands the issue.

2. Then it Triggers the right IT RPA bot.

3. Finally it gets back with a solution to the user.

Full automation, Zero human touch.

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