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Automate IT Service Response

Every organization has its own set of repetitive service requests that overwhelm IT service desk teams and drain their energy. Most of them can be automated without the need for human intervention!


On-boarding a new employee

On-boarding/off-boarding a new employee is a repetitive and sensitive task. For a great experience from day one and to be productive straight away, a new employee should have access to all the systems they need to be the best in their job.

Why not automate it?

With Ubility you deploy an automation flow that receives the on-boarding request through email, gets the approval from the employee managers and trigger the on-boarding flow automatically.

PC SLowness.png

IT admin configures on-boarding flow using the Ubility flow designer

  1. Request to onboard new employee is sent via email

  2. Ubility NLP picks up the request and triggers the on-boarding flow

  3. Through Active Directory, the flow gets the email of the HR business partner

  4. An approval request is emailed to the HR business partner

  5. Once the HR business partner approves, the new employee is added to Active Directory

  6. Ticket is recorded in ServiceNow

  7. The flow initiator receives a confirmation that the account creation was successful

Ready to Automate?

With Ubility you create customs automation flows without having to write a single line of code

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