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Automate IT Incident Response

In today's work environment, employees should be able to work from anywhere. IT incidents like slow PCs, VPN connectivity, access issues should be solved instantly. Automating recurring IT incidents boost employees' productivity, decrease MTTR and reduce operational cost.


Reset Microsoft password

Password resets and access requests are the most common incident requests in most organizations, especially after holidays. 

Why not automate it?

With Ubility you deploy a password reset flow that integrates Active Directory, Slack and our NLP engine.

password reset.png

IT Admin configures password reset flow

  1. User sends a request to change his password via Slack

  2. Ubility NLP picks up the requests and triggers the password reset flow

  3. Through Active Directory the user receives a two-factor authentication request

  4. User responds to the authentication process

  5. Password is reset and user is notified via Slack


Slow PC

A slow PC is always a source of unsatisfied employees and a decrease in productivity. Most of the times, this incident is due to well known issues.

Why not automate it?

With Ubility you deploy a flow that runs remotely on the employee's machine as soon as they raise an incident

Pc slowness.png

IT Admin configures PC slowness troubleshooting flow

  1. Employee sends a request for troubleshooting via Microsoft Teams.

  2. Ubility NLP picks up the request and triggers the troubleshooting flow

  3. PC details are collected from Active Directory

  4. Remote connection to the slow PC is established

  5. Troubleshooting script is launched on the PC

  6. Employee gets updated throughout the process via Microsoft Teams

  7. Ticket and results get recorded on ServiceNow.

Ready to Automate?

With Ubility you create customs automation flows without having to write a single line of code

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