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Infrastructure as <no/code>

It is impossible to scale your infrastructure without creating infrastructure deployments code using Terraform, Ansible, etc. This requires your team to have coding experience and familiarity with the relevant coding tools. With Ubility, we introduce the Infrastructure as <no/code>. Drag and drop your infrastructure components into flowsand Ubility transforms them into infrastructure code for you. Quick and error free experience!


You need to deploy a new application on Azure that is made of a load balancer, AKS cluster with many dockers containers and an API GW to allow the app to communicate with other services.

Why not automate it?

With Ubility you deploy this infrastructure as a no-code flow using our drag and drop interface. Once published, you get reusable infrastructure deployment code.

Infrasturcture as no code.png

Automatically Deploy and Configure Azure Cluster 

  1. Triggered via a webhook that can be connected to Jira, Servicenow, etc.

  2. Launch and configure an Azure load balancer

  3. Launch AKS with the required containers

  4. Launch and configure the Azure application gateway

Ready to Automate?

With Ubility you create customs automation flows without having to write a single line of code

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