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Interconnect & Orchestrate your Runbooks and Scripts

We all use many automation runbooks using Ansible, Terraform, Powershell, etc. With the increasing number of  scripts we certainly need an orchestration platform for better security and management. In addition we always need to add coding layers to interconnect these scripts and interface them with other tools like ITSM, Git, ChatOps, etc.


Interconnect Jira, Terraform, Slack and Ansible

Run a single automation that is triggered by Jira and involves Terraform and Ansible without any API coding.

Why not automate it?

Deploy an automation flow that is triggered by a Jira ticket, deploys an infrastructure using Terraform, notifies DevOps using Slack for approval, triggers Ansible configuration and updates the Jira ticket.

Connect automation tools.png

Devops creates a flow that

  1. Gets triggered by a Jira ticket and executes Terraform code

  2. Sends notification via Slack when the code execution was successful

  3. Use the Terraform result as input to an Ansible configuration script

  4. Update the Jira ticket at the end of the flow

Ready to Automate?

With Ubility you create customs automation flows without having to write a single line of code

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