UbiRPA For Customer Support

Stay connected with your customers every step of the way

Customer Complaints

When dealing with customers there is no shortage of complaints

Instant Response

Instant response

No one wants to wait for hours or a day for an answer

24\7 open business


Customers expect your business to be open 24/7


Suitable for All

Customers can come from anywhere

How to tackle these complaints

UbiRPA utilizes a wide array of resources that help it stay connected with customers and can handle what ever task or complaint they ask for.



to stay connected with you customers utilize more then 400+ integrators to help you design and create RPA flows. No matter the situation always be ready to tackle them all.

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Drag and Drop

Ubility RPA.png

Utilizing a Drag and Drop interface you are able to design, create and deploy RPA flows immediately depending on how the situation changes. No need to bother with writing lines of codes our RPA comes ready with pre written nodes.

AI For Hyper Automation

Natural Language Progression.png

Natural Language Progession

Have your bots interact automatically with customers no matter the issue at hand.

Optical Character Recognition.png

Optical Character Recognition

Reduce waiting times to mere seconds as your bots read, extract and analysis any document customers may send.

Image Recognition.png

Image Recognition

Your bots can immediately and automatically pick up image data.

Sentiment Analysis (2).png

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding how your customers feel is a major asset to have onboard.