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Automate Security Response

Security incidents should be tackled urgently and at any time of the day! With Ubility you deploy automatic security responses with no code that can be triggered at any time of the day.


Auto Quarantine Malware Infected VM

It is 2AM in the morning. AWS Cloudwatch detects malware on one of your major EC2 instances. You are notified and obliged to quarantine the VM urgently!

Why not automate it?

With Ubility you deploy an automation flow that connects to your AWS and monitoring tools with no code.

Quarantine VMs.png

SRE configures security response flow

  1. Flow is triggered when AWS CloudWatch raises an alarm reporting the detection malware on an EC2 VM

  2. The flow instantly locks the EC2 VM

  3. The flow moves the VM to a quarantine VPC.

  4. Security Team is notified via Slack to start the investigation process.

Ready to Automate?

With Ubility you create customs automation flows without having to write a single line of code

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