Building cognitive engagement systems is a long and costly process. Ubility designed its system to provide any industry with the best practice engagement models that can be implemented and tuned in few clicks by non technical staff. Detailed analytics are also provided to check the engagement performance. Below are the different components of the system:

Abstraction Layer UI

No need to hire data scientist to implement engagement journeys, ML algos are grouped and presented as simple configuration parameters to be configured by non technical staff. All this is provided by a self service UI.

ML/AI Layer

Configured engagement journeys are implemented as ML/AI algorithms on top of our Spark cluster.

Real Time Imput Stream

The system integrates with all source of available data that are relevant for the customer engagement and its context (i.e. IoT, public data, user behavior).

Chatbot & Channels

The system is pre-equipped with a highly sophisticated Chatbot that is capable of understanding the context and the history of the user and provide the most appropriate answers. Also, the system can choose the best available channel (social, SMS, App) to engage with the customer.

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